Pace Yourself & Plan in Ga Pre-K

Description: This training covers the WHY, the WHAT, and most importantly the “HOW” of intentional lesson planning in GA Pre-K. It provides best practices for pacing yourself using the available BFTS tools AND a new Pacing Guide (that breaks down monthly goals for the WSO indicators and the GELDS). You will learn a step-by-step, systematic way to approach planning, then observe the system being modeled to create a full week of lesson plans! Teachers who take the course get the Pacing Guide, the combined lesson plan template shown, the full week model lesson plan, a sample schedule, and a handout to reference the strategy shown.

Credit: 3 or 6 Hour Option

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of creating and using lesson plans
  • Identify the appropriate tools needed to create effective lesson plans
  • Observe the lesson planning process and see a completed example
  • Learn how to apply a planning protocol to integrate rich activities
  • (6 Hour Option includes an opportunity for participants to take the concepts learned from theory to practice) SEE OBJECTIVES BELOW
  • Use appropriate lesson planning tools and practice using the pacing guide
  • Participate in a guided working group to create a lesson plan artifact
  • Utilize the planning protocol to implement rich math/literacy activities 

Audience: Applicable for Ga Pre-K teachers.

Session Specifics: This training uses a visual presentation, group interaction, discussions and hands-on interaction during the three and six hour format. Additional guided practice of the concepts will take place during the six hour session. Trainer will provide AV equipment, handouts, and certificates. Screen or white wall is needed along with space for group movement.

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