Who Are We?

We are a mission driven organization that provides a wholistic approach to professional development to Georgia educators. Development of the whole child plays an important part of early childhood and we believe that development of the whole professional is equally important. We add value to your organization by putting the needs of early childhood educators first and delivering top quality services and solutions that incite growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to sow SEEDs of excellence by supporting, educating, empowering and developing educators to be their best selves.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Research based, relevant training for (Georgia) approved training hours
  • Convenient online courses for (Georgia) approved training hours
  • Onsite training with flexible scheduling
  • Teacher coaching and mentoring
  • Administrative consulting
  • New training topics each year

Staff Qualifications

Each of our professional development specialists are certified trainers and experienced professionals with deep background knowledge of child development, curriculum, best practices of early childhood education, content development and adult learning theory. SEED Consulting stands out for its ability to engage and empower teachers and administrators alike, through meaningful interactions and experiences. We strive to assist educators in being the best version of themselves, to effectively impact children and families.