Do You Hear What I Hear?

rabbit ears hearing fish wish and dishDescription: Phonological awareness is an important foundational skill for reading. Unfortunately many educators neglect to build adequate phonological awareness knowledge in young children and jump to the next skill of phonics. Participants in this training will explore the developmental stages of phonological awareness and practice strategies to help children develop these necessary skills.

Credit:2 Hours of BFTS Approved Credit

Learning Objectives:

  • Define phonological awareness and its significance to reading success
  • Understand the continuum of learning for phonological awareness
  • Gain age appropriate strategies
  • Identify literature to reinforce phonological awareness

Audience: Applicable for teachers and administrators of ages (Birth – 5yrs).

Session Specifics: This training uses a visual presentation, group interaction, discussions and hands-on practice during the two hours. Trainer will provide AV equipment, handouts, and certificates. Screen or white wall is needed along with space for group movement.

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